Brilliant Customer Service

Brilliant customer service!’ is a very practical one-day course, designed to raise your organisation’s customer service levels by instructing, equipping and inspiring your people to delight your customers at every opportunity.

Our UK customer service training programme is equally applicable to the public, private and voluntary sectors. It can be adapted to your specific needs and the examples used can be very specific to your organisation.

With over twenty courses presented by a dedicated team of expert trainers, our class leading customer service training has been developed to help you deliver outstanding levels of customer service.

Results are achieved through our tried-and-tested flagship programme, ‘Brilliant Customer Service!’, the definitive one-day workshop, delivered by our customer service training team across the UK and internationally. Prices start at just £895 per day for a group of up to twelve people. Should you wish to focus on a particular aspect of customer service techniques, such as telephone, face-to-face, or internal customer service communications skills, we have some variations on the theme that will help you do just that.